I recently moved from Phoenix, Arizona to Olean, NY.  Our family knew that we would be moving from one of the largest cities in the US, to a very small one, and it was actually the reason we moved!  We wanted to slow life down a bit by and go back to small-town living.

As soon as we arrived, we quickly went to Google to search out the local businesses around us, such as restaurants, contractors, retail shops, and entertainment to learn what this area had to offer.

To my surprise, many businesses in this area did not seem to have a website.  It was hard for me to see if these businesses were still open, view store hours, and see what they offered, such as menus and services.  

And that is when, with the encouragement of my family, I decided to offer my website services.

Click the images below to view my portfolio of webpages, to get a feel of what I can create for you. Websites are fully customizable to suite your needs, and will be built on lightening-fast loading pages hosted by Convertri.

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Continue with a 

$10 monthly subscription  

for hosting & backend editing access

*Extra Fees may apply for extra editing after the website is built and for analytic tracking

$199 Gets You Started

Includes use of a Convertri subdomain  

*We can use your own domain if you own one or purchase one

Includes a fast-loading website, containing up to 3 pages

$49 for each additional page (after the first 3 pages)

$19 extra for each page containing over 10 menu/submenu items

Mobile version of your website pages included

7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have a Website!

  • Credibility for your Business
  • Branding of your Business
  • Collecting Leads (Potential Customers)
  • Creating Organic Traffic
  • Providing Better Customer Service- and Less Strain on your In-Person Customer Service
  • Ability to Provide Live Updates, Events, and Announcements
  • Digital Marketing

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